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Traveling Thrifter - Roscoe Village, Chicago

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

Guess how I decided to spend St. Patrick's Day in Chicago? Nope! Not hopping from bar to bar in one of the top U.S. cities to celebrate the holiday. Instead, I opted to check out a local thrift store. The hardest part was deciding which thrift store. After browsing through Google results for 20 minutes, I made my decision based on:

1. Distance/proximity. The store needed to be a short uber ride from Old Town, where I was staying for the weekend.

2. Type of store. I prefer local chain thrift stores because they typically have good, steady inventory. However, I didn't want to much of a boutique-ish type of store. Too nice = too pricey.

I decided on Village Discount Outlet nestled in the heart of Roscoe Village.

Upon stepping into the store, I felt right at home. And, given the scarcity of shopping carts, I wasn't the only person not partying with leprechauns!

But, now, I was faced a huge dilemma. I only had 1.5 hours to kill and I needed to shop for two clients and browse for myself. All I could see were aisles and more aisles, clothes upon more clothes.

I had to make a split decision and choose only one department to focus on. Ugh! I really needed some dresses for one of my client's island vacation and it wouldn't hurt to pick up some for my other client and myself... so dresses it was! And dresses ended up being my pot of gold! OMG! The finds were glorious and I had to pat myself on the back for leaving room in my luggage to haul all that goodness back home with me.

As I basked in my glory and wheeled to the register, disappointment came over me as I noticed a huge shoe section downstairs and a jewelry counter that was screaming - look at me! However, given my time constraint, I hurriedly checked out, ordered my uber and vowed to return again one day.Thank you CHI for showing me a good time!

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