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Traveling Thrifter - Pre-travel checklist

I truly miss traveling. Last year, I planned to travel to a number of international destinations but had to cancel due to COVID19. As a result, now I have flight credits out of the waazoo and... they have an expiration date. I also miss checking out thrift stores in other cities. So, I've decided to spend 2021 on a #travelingthrifter journey to combine my two favorite hobbies. I will be traveling to various cities across the United States (both big and small) that have been on my travel wish list for a while. Of course, this is all pending the environment and economy.

Sweatshirt, tee, shorts and overnight bag thrifted

I'm planning to do so as safely as possible.

To prepare, I've created a checklist to keep me in line...


Pre-travel checklist


✅ Schedule vacation at work

✅ Book flight

✅ Book hotel

✅ Book rental car, if needed

✅ Research thrift stores - compile thrift list

✅ Research places to visit

✅ Research places to eat

✅ Plan itinerary

✅ Check weather/temps during visit

✅ Plan wardrobe - build Pinterest inspo board

✅ Start packing with my favorite Away luggage

✅ Remember that we’re still in the throws of a pandemic so take precautionary measures, including cancelling or rescheduling appointments for 2 weeks after my return to limit exposing others if sick

Hopefully, I've captured everything! If not, I'm sure I'll have a nice routine in place after the first few trips.

Yours in thrift,

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