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Traveling Thrifter - Lehigh Valley

I'm currently in the process of winding down my 5 day trip to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Bethlehem? Yes, Bethlehem - a small township located in the Lehigh Valley area on the eastern side of the state. The Lehigh Valley region actually consists of combined Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton (ABE) metropolitan areas and other small surrounding towns.

My purpose there was to spend time with family but primarily to celebrate my little cousin's college graduation. Okay - nevermind. I know! That's not so little. However, given the extensive timeline of my stay, it was only appropriate for me to squeeze a few thrift stops into the agenda.

I was able to check out three thrift stores: The Red Barn Thrift Shop, Goodwill (Keystone area) and American Family Services Thrift Store. Surprisingly, Goodwill was my favorite and the most fruitful of them all. It's surprising because I'm honestly not a Goodwill person. I typically tend to stray away from the more popular thrift store chains mainly because of selection and pricing. However, my aunt casually suggested stopping by on the way to her house so why not?

So, here are the reasons why I had an affinity for this particular Goodwill store:

  • Sales + Discounts: Upon walking in, there was a sign with sale listings. I have never, ever come across a sale at Goodwill so that was exciting for me. I also noticed they had a regional loyalty program with benefits similar to what I'm familiar with. (And, my aunt has a membership so I was able to use her account.) For this particular Wednesday, all green tag with a "B" were 25% off.

  • Brand new Target finds: Ever wonder what happens to Target overstock or clearance items that don't sell after an extended period time on the racks? I know one place for sure - Goodwill Industries. Yup! I've seen where they mark the item(s) down to a penny and sometimes even go as far as to slash a mark through the label. But, there was something about this particular Goodwill. I'm not sure if it was the Goodwill location or Target consumer market but it had a plethora of Target NWT {new with tag} merchandise - apparel and shoes. I was honestly overwhelmed. However, not everything that glitters is gold. As a self-proclaimed expert clearance shopper {in addition to my thrift life}, I also know the target clearance price points. Most of the target items in the GW store were priced at $7.99 or higher. I had to implement some serious judgement calls, in knowing that some items drop even lower than $7.99 in store. The biggest buying factor for me was the item itself. How much did I like it? Was it unique? Would I feel some kind of way if I left it behind? All very important decision points! I made it through though.. with a larger dip in my account than planned but with no regrets.

  • Sized: Clothing was sized! I have never been to a sized Goodwill. OMG! Thank you, Goodwill Keystone area!!!

I also want to point out what was different about this Goodwill. They don't have standard pricing for all items. For example, for Goodwill in the Southern Piedmont area, all shirts are $3.99. At this particular Goodwill, there was standard pricing unless marked otherwise... and there were a lot of items marked 'otherwise.'

Overall, I was very pleased with my Goodwill Keystone area experience. Embarrassingly, I bought so much that I had to borrow a large suitcase to check as an extra bag for the plane ride home. (I would have shipped my finds home but the weight + distance would have definitely put me close to, if not more, than $25 for an extra checked bag.) So, thank you, Goodwill Keystone{and Target} for being so good to me on this #TravelingThrifter stop. Very much appreciated!

Successful rainy #TravelingThrifter day at Goodwill

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