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Traveling Thrifter - Florence/Hartsville, SC

They say home is where the heart is. Well, apparently, home is where the thrift finds are too.

Though I have been residing in Charlotte, NC for 11 years now, I'm originally from Florence, SC. Whenever asked, I always map it out relevant to Myrtle Beach and the intersection of I-95 and I-20. It's a small city but the hub of the Pee Dee region. Florence has grown tremendously since I left for college in 2002. Upon arrival for each visit, I'm always on the lookout for the newest business, store, bar/brewery, restaurant. That's always exciting to me - to see what Florence has been up to!

One of the most exciting things that I've noticed is the uptick in thrift store presence as a spawn of local non-profit organizations. For example, profits from the local House of Hope Mission Mart thrift stores are used to fund a ministry called House of Hope. This ministry assists the homeless by offering food, providing housing and clothing, leading them to faith in Christ and helping them to become productive citizens. As the 2018 Best of the Pee Dee Award Winner for best thrift store, House of Hope Mission Mart stores are by far my favorite in Florence, particularly the location on W. Palmetto Street. I get to check off all of my thrift store boxes - clean, organized (by size too), friendly staff, fitting rooms, special incentives/gift cards...I just love that place. Even if I peep in to visit and don't find anything, I feel so fulfilled leaving there.

There are other stores like Pee Dee Thrift and Calvary Chapel Florence Thrift that benefit non-profit organizations and ministries as well! And, of course, there's your Goodwill and Salvation Arm - some even with relatively new locations. I noticed two things about the Palmetto Goodwill stores - (1) they are sized (omg, Charlotte/Southern Piedmont, please jump on this wagon!) and (2) they have a frequent shopper program (sadly, Charlotte/Southern Piedmont discontinued theirs). So, the Palmetto Goodwill stores get a tight bear hug from me!

Here's a complete list of the stores I've visited in Florence/Hartsville so far:

  • Calvary Chapel Florence Thrift - N. Cashua Dr.

  • Goodwill - 2nd Loop Rd.

  • Goodwill - S. 4th St, Hartsville

  • Goodwill - N. Betline Dr.

  • House of Hope Mission Mart - W. Palmetto St.

  • House of Hope Mission Mart - S. Irby St

  • Pee Dee Thrift - E. Palmetto St.

  • The Salvation Army Family Store - W. Palmetto St

During my last trip home for the Christmas 2018 holiday, I managed pick up some great finds, not only from House of Hope (W. Palmetto) but also from Goodwill (2nd loop) and Goodwill (Hartsville). Shoes, purses, hats, clothing new with tag!

There are a few more stores to visit to round out my list so looking forward to my next trip home!

Favorite stores and finds are pictured.

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