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Traveling Thrifter - Durham

My second favorite city in North Carolina? Easy breezy! Durham, North Carolina aka The Bull City. Maybe it's the slightly-bigger-than-college town vibe or perhaps it's my solid small group of "fun" friends there but I just love it! It's always a nice getaway for me. And the food. OMG. Durham is a foodie's paradise but I digress. For the first time in many trips, I made an effort to check out the thrift store scene. Google search made a comeback (it never fails me) and again, I made my decisions based on pictures, website and convenience. However, I must give credit to my hostess friend (and client) for being down for whatever. (I mean... who wouldn't want to spend countless hours on a beautiful spring Saturday in a thrift store?! She's the real MVP.)

First stop - TROSA.Thrift Store (

TROSA is by far the largest thrift store I've ever stepped foot in. Imagine going to a thrift store the size of Kmart. Somebody help me! The good news is that about 75% of the square footage was housewares and home furnishings. Geez, they had some really nice home stuff for the low low. But, I had to focus on my client list though. Clothes! Clothes! Clothes! I did end up finding great items and spent some quality time at the jewelry counter. Here's the doozie though, I forgot to actually BUY my jewelry. Major fail. If you don't know this about thrift stores, let me tell you. Most of the time, you pick out your jewelry and leave it behind the jewelry counter. When you check out at the register, you have to tell the cashier (typically a different person) to grab your jewelry. Well, your girl here completely forgot. This happens to me all of the time! You would think I would remember at this point. Horrible. That was some good stuff.

To make matters a bit worse, I found out after the fact about a too good to miss seafood restaurant called the Skrimp Shack (yes... spelled Skrimp) just around the corner. Makes me wonder if they spell Whiting fish as such or as "Whitey." Sigh. There will be a next time.

On the Thrift Tip: Great home furnishings selection, neat, super organized, sized clothing, regular sales/discounts, non-profit supporting the local community

On to stop #2 - Durham Rescue Mission (

So, I mentioned in my last post about my tendency to gravitate towards local thrift chains. I love them and they never disappoint me. Never! So, of course, I hit the jackpot with Durham Rescue Mission. With three locations in Durham, we ended up going to the location on the Durham/Raleigh border. (I would say it's Durham but the address says Raleigh.) Blah. It's in the Brier Creek area if you're familiar with Durham at all.

Sales! Sales! Sales! Happy dance! Tag sale (all orange tag was 50% off), porch sale (all items $1)and many more sales. Both my cart and heart were full. I found lots of unique pieces and basic must haves. DRM definitely had a bigger selection of clothing than TROSA. The coolest thing about the store is that they had a formal gown boutique - a nice sized room little situation tucked away in a corner.

Needless to say, I was in perfect bliss. On top of that, I was super geeked about joining their loyalty program and downloading their fancy app in which you immediately receive points and receive $5 off upon joining! And just a few days later, I received an email from them about a Night Owl Special. I need a DRM in CLT! Please and thank you!

On the Thrift Tip: Loyalty program and app (okkkkkkk - just make sure you join before checking out and while you still have the energy to go through the steps), large selection of clothing and home goods, very organized, sized clothing, neat/clean, non-profit supporting the local community, multiple locations, regular sales/discounts

Dear Durham, I will be back again soon to love on you again!

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