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Traveling Thrifter - Charleston-North Charleston-Summerville, SC

Hi! I'm Latrice and I'm a GRITS. Yes! I know that sounds grammatically wrong in every sense of proper English but every Carolina girl knows that GRITS is an acronym for Girl(s) Raised In The South. I can't deny that I'm a true Carolina girl, with my home state being the lower of the state duo. However, I'm guilty for not visiting South Carolina's charming cities and sites as often as I should, particularly the historic low country.

Needless to say, I decided to take a quick trip to Charleston, South Carolina over the Memorial Day weekend to visit my first cousin/best friend. When I announced the news to her that I was due for a visit, in almost the same breath I told her that one of my requirements was that I had to visit a few thrift stores. That was to be expected!

When I arrived, I could barely unload my luggage without being amped to hit the thrift streets. My cousin was prepared and ready to be my assistant for the day. First stop was a Goodwill in West Ashley. While I didn't find any apparel or accessories for myself or my clients, I was able to find matching pieces to dinnerware I found at Habitat for Humanity (in Charlotte, North Carolina) early last year. I bought every piece I could find, excited to kick of my thrift high.

Our next stop was the Children's Cancer Society Thrift Store in Charleston. The merchandising at this store was the best I've ever seen. Items were creatively placed through the store. As I pushed my shopping cart, I had to stop every few feet just to admire the ingenuity, care and thoughtfulness. I loved just being in the store, in total creative appreciation. I can't wait to return to check out their new, second location on Rivers Avenue in North Charleston.

The last and most rewarding stop was Community Thrift Store in North Charleston. The gates of Charleston area thrift heaven were opened and thrift favor poured in. All of my thrift store preferences were there - organization and sizing, huge inventory, clean aisles, fitting rooms and great prices. AHHHHHHHH! Aisles were as thick as a Black Friday sale and I was there for it! Needless to say, I left with a cart full of items. I couldn't help but stop by the brand new Summerville location on my way back to Charlotte the next day. It was a little off the beaten path from the main highway but well worth the detour.

I'm looking forward to planning my next trip to the Charleston area. There are so many more thrift finds to be found for this Carolina Girl!

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