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Traveling Thrifter - Atlanta

An outdoor party with thousands of people (where you can bring your own "igloo" cooler) is the perfect reason to thrift in Atlanta, right? Kinda sorta sounds like the reason for my latest trip to the black mecca of the south.

Upon the official (but unofficial) arrival of Spring within the last week, I had some serious fever as did everyone else - beautiful blue skies, bright flowers, warm days and cool nights. So, when my friend suggested a trip to Atlanta to participate in the Igloo Party, I was immediately down! And, it wouldn't be right if I didn't add to my Traveling Thrifter chronicles while there. I also had five client orders on my roster and with scheduled travel for every weekend in May, I couldn't afford to loose thrift days.

I did some initial thrift scene research prior to my arrival in the city. I joined a Facebook group called Thrifting Atlanta and downloaded the app onto my phone to get some tips on a few of the hot spots. However, with the way my life is set up, I couldn't go too deep into the research. I did choose two stores that I wanted to check out - Value Village and Intown Thrift.

For those that follow me on social media, you know that I absolutely looooovvvvve Value Village (also known as Carolina Value Village in the Southern Piedmont area of North Carolina). So, to check out a VV in a different city was almost necessary. My curiosity was killing me! There were several VV locations in Atlanta so I just went with the one closest to my downtown Atlanta hotel - the location off Metropolitan Parkway SW. I was able to acquire some good finds for my clients. The store was organized like your typical thrift store - type of clothing and then color. I was very impressed with the barcoded tagging system which facilitated a speedy checkout. All of the good things about the store gratefully outweighed my disappointment in the absence of sized racks.

The next stop, Intown Thrift, was just 2 min down the street! How convenient was that?! I walked in to see carousels of brand new sunglasses for $2.49 each. I shamelessly grabbed three pair. I was tempted to buy a brand new suitcase from the inventory lined up nearby but decided not to. Focus, Latrice! Focus! I then browsed up and down the aisles with my fairly empty cart. I eased my way to check out and decided to peek at the accessories counter and behold, this is where I hit the jackpot. I met a super DOPE employee named Kelli, snagged beautiful clip earrings for my aunt and spotted a pair of gently used $5.99 lace Toms slip-ons in my size behind the counter. Glory! Moral of this story: I used to force myself to find something and would end up buying unneeded items just because I felt I absolutely had to leave with something. However, I've reached thrift maturity. Even with an empty cart, I knew my thrift favor would kick in and my heart would overflow, even if it was for just one fabulous find. It never fails! What did I like about this store? Two things - the music and the pricing system. Their Pandora station was on fire with all of the oldies but goodies! I couldn't help but do a lil 2-step down the aisle to What's Love Got to Do With It by Tina Turner. The store also had a standard pricing system for all like items. For example, all dresses were $5.49, all jeans were $3.98 and so on.

I barely scratched the thrift surface in the Georgia state capitol. I'll have to return soon so sit tight for a part II...because F.I.L.A. (forever I love {thrift} Atlanta).

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