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Tips to be successful at thrifting

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Pieces of Posh was created on the premise that it doesn't have to cost $200 for you to look and feel your best. It just takes a few things to thrift your way to a wardrobe that works for you:

  1. Consistency - You have to visit thrift stores often. Your favorite thrifters visit the same stores multiple times a week. Inventory changes frequently, sometimes daily.

  2. Patience and persistence - Don't give up. You're not always going to have a "good haul" and most of the time, you may walk away with absolutely nothing. But don't be discouraged. Try again because when you're rewarded - the favor is real! Trust me.

  3. Good eye - Be mindful of the time you spend in the store because it can easily consume your day. It's more beneficial to practice scanning the rack. Scan and walk. Scan and walk. Train your eyes to fall on patterns and textures that stick out.

  4. Good vibes - This is simple. Treat others as you would want to be treated. In this case, be nice to the employees. If you frequent the same stores often, they will remember you and will even look out for you. You'll be surprised the info they'll drop or the thoughtfulness. I love it when I hear "Did you see the bin of items over there?" or "You have to come back on Monday. We're gong to mark all of the yellow tags down 50%."

  5. KYS (aka Know Your Store) - Know when they tend to put new inventory out. Know when they have sales. Know the best time to shop. Know the best location and inventory.

Yours truly in thrift,

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