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Traveling Thrifter - Solo dolo

A few weeks ago, I spent some days in Asheville, NC on a mini traveling thrifter/solo getaway. (I stayed at the Cambria Hotel - Downtown Asheville which was amazing! ) Massages, pedi/manis and solo dates are great but traveling alone is my favorite method of self-care. A lot of people don’t understand why I do it or how I’m not afraid to be alone in an unfamiliar place. But, here's a quick rundown of my why...

Victoria's Secret set thrifted from Goodwill

1 - It allows me to make my own agenda. I do what I want without having to negotiate with anyone or plan. If I decide to stay in my hotel or thrift shop all day, that’s what imma do!


2 - It allows me space and time to hear God talking to me and to recognize just how blessed I am.


3 - I can appreciate the alone time now because in the future it may not be as easy to be with this amount of flexibility. (I hope to have a family one day! 😊️)


If you've never traveled solo, I definitely encourage you to consider. You can even start small and travel to a nearby town or city close to home. This will give you the comfort of knowing you're not far from a familiar place and people you know.

Yours in thrift,

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