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Sock it to me!

Don't count out socks while thrifting...

Basket find

For many, thrifting items like underwear, swimwear and socks is a total No-No. But what if these items were brand new and still packaged and/or tagged? Would you reconsider?

I must say I'm a rebel! And... I'm still alive! Gimme all the (thrifted) brand new socks, swimwear and underwear I can find! I've been on a major thrifted sock and hosiery kick lately - everything from panty hose to fishnet socks to slouch socks. These thrifted finds have definitely spruced up my shoe game.

If you're ever feeling adventurous, here are four spots to check in your local thrift store:

  1. The men's section - you should always be open to finding gems in the men's section

  2. Top baskets between clothing racks - sometimes it looks like a bunch of randomness but you never know!

  3. End caps - a.k.a. the very end of the aisle or racks

  4. Hats, scarves, purses and other accessories section(s) - to be expected!

Check out how I rocked some of my favorite thrifted sock finds below!

Yours truly in thrift,


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