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Just Kickin' It

I love kicks but I’m just as much a bargain shopper as I am a thrift shopper! I’m always on the hunt for a deal. I don’t necessarily have to have the “new releases.” I just buy what I like and these gems were @rossdressforless for a steal! I grabbed these Nike Tailwind 79 Be True (2019) releases last year for about $30. They’re still going on resell platforms for $75+.

Here’s how I typically secure fresh kicks:


1️⃣ I shop discount retailers (ex - @rossdressforless, @tjmaxx, @marshalls), the clearance section, outlets, site sales on brand sites and consignment/resell stores. I don’t have much luck thrifting them at true thrift stores but I encourage you to give it a try.


2️⃣ I shop the men’s section all of the time! I would shop the kids’ too if I didn’t have big feet! 😂 So, be open to gender and, if you have smaller feet, the kids’ section! Men’s shoes often tend to be wider and more comfortable.


3️⃣ If the shoes are pretty pricey (above $150), I often use @paypal credit. It’s shameful... i have the money but just be like meh... I don’t feel like paying it all today. 😅 I just make sure to pay the purchase off before interest is charged (within 6 months). But, I do warn you that PayPal credit shows up on your credit. If you want to avoid that, use a service like @klarna or @afterpay. I don’t do this much though... bc again... I’m a bargain shopper. 😊️

Just kick it!

Yours truly in thrift,

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