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Ain’t No Party Like a Thrifted Party

If you’re an entertainer like me, you know that what matters most is how you make your people feel. Your heart goes into every detail. You put care into making everything just right. So much goes on behind the scenes and, most of the time, your guests have no clue. They may not know how much money or time you spent but what they can see is how much thought you put into making their presence and experience special.

I must confess that sometimes my preparation includes a project plan/spreadsheet and a visit to my party supply storage facility. But, honestly, special noticeable touches don’t require that much. Of course, I had to find a way to mix two of my passions - thrifting and entertaining - and share with you. So, here’s a short list of party essentials you can easily find at thrift stores, making hosting less costly:

Thrifted candleholders

  • Centerpiece décor

You can find a lot of pre-arranged centerpieces but you'll be more likely to find supplies to make your own arrangements. You'll also find tablecloths and materials/details to spruce your tables up a bit.

Thrifted checkerboard and bingo cards

  • Tableware & serving dishes

Thrift stores always have a great inventory of dishes – from plates to china to serving dishes, ramekins and bowls. Most of the time, you can also find holiday- or occasion-specific dishes that can translate into statement pieces. (Everyone loves a serving dish shaped like a turkey at Thanksgiving or Christmas!) And, for a seated dinner or supper party, your table and serveware do not have to match, which makes thrifting for them even more fun!

Tip: I always soak and clean my thrifted dishes in scorching hot water (with bleach and detergent) and they’re good to go (and hopefully, germ free)!

  • Decorations

Ever wonder what happens to items that don’t sell off the clearance racks of major retailers? Many of them go to thrift stores. I’ve seen everything from Target and Walmart goods to Kirklands and Home Goods. So, yes! That means that a lot of that St. Patrick’s Day décor is in thrift stores by Easter. Even if it’s not seasonally appropriate at the time, if something is super cute and at a great price point, snag it, pack it and store it away for later.

Thrifted ramekins, flower vases and mason jars

Tip: In storage, I have designated bins for certain items and occasions so they’re easier find when searching later. For example, I have a bin for specialty/party napkins and another bin for game night décor.

  • Gifts

The thrift store is the perfect place to find gifts/favors or at least supplies to make them. Items like stationary can also be found find in multiple quantities.

Lastly, step outside of the box! It may be a bit easier for creatives but Pinterest is everyone’s best friend. Try some flare like using fabric to accent a food table! And, guess what?! Many thrift stores carry large quantities or remnants of fabric. Trust me, there’s something for every party at your nearest thrift store. Add some Pieces of Posh and take some of the worry (and $$$) out of your next party!

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