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A PoP my Grandma's shoes

Hi! It's been a while. So happy to be back and so anxious to share the inspiration behind this post. Christmas is a very sentimental time for most - the exponential generosity, the thoughtful gift gifting, the celebration, the love. It's my favorite time of year. It's a time to not only look forward to celebrating with family and friends but to also reflect on the memories of those loved ones who made it so special.

Last year, I gifted my entire family (and a few friends) thrifted Pieces of Posh items. I had just started testing personal thrift shopping (as a business) that September and had been in the throws of making my small business official. At first, I was skeptical about giving my family thrifted items (even though most were new with tag), but I thought it would be fun to introduce them to what had become my "thing." In addition, I have a good medium-sized family so it was also budget-friendly!

When my family opened their PoP gifts, I couldn't believe the reactions. They were so shocked (at how I could find such a thing in a thrift store), ecstatic and grateful. I could also see where they were extremely proud to have Pieces of Posh, a piece of my love, my hard work, my effort. It became a slogan that was repeated constantly throughout the weekend, with my Aunt being the sing song leader... "Pieces of Posh... Pieces of Posh... Pieces of Posh."

So, you may be wondering how all this relates to my grandma's shoes.

Well, last night, I read a Facebook post. My friend posted about preparing for Christmas, reflecting on her grandmother she recently lost. Her grandmother was truly the anchor of their family. She distributed a reminder to "love on your grandma." I had just talked to my grandma earlier in the day (who was extremely concerned because I've been battling bronchitis all week). I never take my phone calls, moments, saying bye twice ("Bye, Baby. Love you!"... "Bye, Grandma. Love you!"... "Okay! Bye! Love you") or the yearly expected, off-key Happy Birthday songs for granted.

To have a praying and supportive grandmother is everything! And, I'm so grateful to have experienced that love for 34 years. I would love for my grandmother to live to see me with a beautiful family of my own one day but for now, I'll live with all of the amazing moments I have already shared with her. Often times, me and/or my mom will pick through "old stuff" at my grandma's house and come across many vintage gems. I love adding those little items to my thrifted collection, those pieces of my grandma. I don't ask for permission to have it until I already have them tucked away but she never says no! Today, I'll wear a beautiful pair of Aigner booties that once belonged to my grandma. I'm not sure when or where my grandmother bought these shoes but I know that she wore them with a lot of pride, a product of her "hard-earned money." I will walk in my grandmother's shoes. I am my grandmother's legacy.

I dedicate this post to Tonisha, Gerrin, Santana, Tawanda and April. Thank you for your constant reminders of a grandmother's love in reflection of your grandmother who is no longer praying for you but instead, watching over you. While you may or may not have physical shoes from your grandmother to walk in, you can continue to walk in her spirit. I will love on my grandmother.

There will be some changes to Pieces of Posh in 2019 but I have a praying grandmother and I know its future will be nothing less than amazing. Merry Christmas!

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