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The 10 Thrift Commandments

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

To the tune of the Biggie Smalls' "10 Crack Commandments"

Rule Number Uno: Never leave your cart unattended. Never intended? You might get jacked ... and have to ask Brenda to run it back.

Number 2: Never let the tag deceive you. Size Large but plus sized? Boo, that could be you.

Number 3: Never trust no-bo-dy. Sanitized down. Rona goin’ round. Hoodied and masked up... to spend a few bucks

Number 4: I know you heard this before- shop on sale days. That might mean Wednesdays.

Number 5: Resellers... hear me in the back! Keep sortin’ racks to make a few stacks.

Number 6: Gotta move with agility... improve your ability. Crossbody bag, fitted tank and leggings. Your best finds gonna have everybody beggin’!

Number 7: This rule is so underrated. Feel it. Smell it. Inspect it.

Number 8: Never leave an item that would have been you. Circle back....Brenda got you again with the jack.

Number 9: Shoulda been Number 1 to me, one store is never enough. But a budget, will make it less tough.

Number 10: Start at #1 and run it back again!

Yours in thrift,

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