I always say I've been blessed with "thrift favor." Now I want to share it.

welcome to pieces of posh


My name is Latrice, the Charlotte, North Carolina-based thrift diva behind Pieces of Posh (also known as PoP). I'm so happy you decided to stop by! While I'll share my thrift joys with you, my ultimate goal is to help create a thrift community in Charlotte. This blog spot is not only where I share thrift tips - where to shop, how to style, etc. but also personal reflections and upcoming events. Welcome to all things PoP CuLTure!



With origins as a personal thrift shopping service, Pieces of Posh has since evolved into a destination to learn about thrift tips as well as stores to check out locally and across the U.S. While eco-friendly shopping and slow fashion is now trending, it truly has long term benefits. Thrifting also allows you to have access to unique and quality pieces at an affordable cost. Check out my blog for how you can get in on this too!

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