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client policy


  • Must provide payment prior to services being performed.

  • Must allow personal shopper 2-4 weeks to complete order. If the order is not fully completed within the 4 week window, clients may opt to receive a refund for the remaining balance or allow the personal shopper to continue shopping.

  • Must check all items within 24 hours of receipt for damage, wear, fit and satisfaction. If there is an issue or dissatisfaction with the item(s), personal shopper must be contacted within 24 hours of receipt to coordinate refund/credit and return of item. Most thrift stores have a strict return policy or don't allow returns at all so it is important to observe this policy.

  • Are expected to wash, clean and/or dry clean their own items. However, recommendations will be provided.

  • Understand that service will not be performed without a completed consultation form.

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