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Pieces of Posh, Inc., which is also known by the acronym PoP, is a personal thrift shopping service in the Charlotte, North Carolina metro area. Pieces of Posh specializes in purchasing thrifted women's apparel and accessories and providing convenient opportunities for female consumers to acquire these items at an affordable cost. All apparel and accessories are purchased from local and chain thrift stores and/or consignment sales and boutiques. Our clients like thrifted or consigned items but just don't have the time, patience or energy to do the shopping. Our services also allow clients to diversify, expand or refresh their wardrobe on a budget. To ensure needs are met and the best items are selected, clients must sign up for services (packages) and complete a consultation form.

our mission

The mission of Pieces of Posh is to conveniently provide quality thrifted apparel and accessories to female clients. Believing that anything is “poshable,” we want our clients to feel unique, confident and worthy of individualized service.

what do we offer?

Client relationship

Each client is required to complete a consultation form before services can be rendered. We aren't just trying to sell the thrifted apparel and accessories. We're taking the time to get to know the client - her sizes, preferences, what she's looking for, etc. There's also a local, face-to-face relationship which offers an even more personalized experience.

Access to quality clothing & accessories at affordable prices

Traditional personal shoppers tend to charge by the hour. Whereas, Pieces of Posh offers a flat service fee based on the package selected. 

Experienced personnel

Pieces of Posh owner/personal thrift shopper/stylist, Latrice, has over five years of retail experience and 10 years of thrift shopping experience as well as a degree in Management and Marketing and over 11 years of human resources experience. This background and experience supports the company's goal of making sure every client receives pieces of posh through great selections and customer service.

Pre-sorted options & variety

While online resale shopping has become popular, many shoppers don't want to deal with the uncertainties around purchasing an item online without knowing the fit, if the style is flattering on their body type or shape, etc.. Pieces of Posh uses a consultation form to truly get to know the client and her sizes, preferences and needs. Clients also receive a variety of quality brands at an affordable cost.

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